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Mr. Ellman is a no nonsense lawyer!

Christine Todd July 12, 2018

Mr. Ellman is a no nonsense lawyer. He responded quickly to our questions and helped us win the full settlement amount.

The Todds roofer refused to make repairs under their warranty. We sued for breach of warranty and settled for full juristdictional limits of $25,000.
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Experienced Problem Solver Numerous Real Estate Transactions

John AVVO Rating February 22, 2018

Harry has served as my attorney in numerous real estate transactions. I’ve always been pleased with his understanding of complex issues,creative solutions, and thoughtful treatment in each and every situation.
I look forward to our continued professional relationship.

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Strongly Recommend Harry

Herb Strather Google+ February 21, 2018

Harry has been my lawyer and Title company guy for many, many years. I have closed $2 billion in transactions and I have the most sophisticated (some would say complicated) deals and I need an experts expert and Harry is that person. I strongly recommend Harry.

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Expertise and Wisdom helped keep my home!

CHERYL ROTHENBERG Google+ February 21, 2018

Mr. Ellman was very helpful when I got myself in a messy situation with my home. With his wisdom and expertise, I was able to keep my home. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a real estate attorney. I’m so glad that I found him!! 

Experienced Transaction Attorney and Litigator

Mark Shepherd Google+ February 21, 2018

Harry is very responsive and extremely qualified. He has over 40 years of experience, and knows how to take care of his clients. He’s an experienced transaction attorney and litigator that truly cares about helping others.

Helpful Quick and Affordable

E SALAS Google+ February 20, 2018

Mr. Ellman was very helpful, quick and affordable in assisting us with a minor real estate matter. Thank you very much!

Uniquely Qualified for Real Estate Matters

Jordon Bolton AVVO Rating February 20, 2018

With his business background, Harry is uniquely qualified for real estate matters involving title and closing issues.

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Only The Best!

Anonymous AVVO Rating February 20, 2018

I contacted Harry Ellman on the advice of a friend and I’m so glad I did. It was regarding a contractual matter that no other attorney could resolve and he had his plan of action mapped out and implemented before our conversation was over. And when the clerk of the court tells me “your attorney did a great job is on top if things”, how great is that. He is diligent yet compassionate. I’d recommend Harry Ellman to everyone.

Above and Beyond My Expectations

Lisa Brusate Google+ February 20, 2018

Harry is a hard worker and was responsive to my calls and emails, and got me results above and beyond my expectations. What a great experience!

Highly Highly Recommended

Mark Zobel Google+ Review February 20, 2018

Harry Ellman went above and beyond to help me. Extremely exceptional at his profession. Highly highly recommend. 

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An Outstanding Attorney

Herbert Glass, President Of Glass Retirement Strategies April 26, 2017

Harry is a hardworking, tenacious and remarkable attorney. He has a broad understanding of all kinds of legal matters and is very experienced in both traditional legal matters as well as new challenges he’s presented with. He is a great negotiator as well.

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Real Estate Review – Google

January 27, 2017

Google Reviews 01/25/2017
Rating: 5/5


Mr. Ellman was very helpful, quick and affordable in assisting us with a minor real estate matter. Thank you very much!

Review by:

Elizabeth Salas


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Harry Ellman Law wins Elder Law Case against County Treasurer

Pat Ward and her mother, Joanne Potter July 25, 2016

Elderly Law Case

Attorney Harry S. Ellman was very professional and provided outstanding and effective representation for me and my family during a very unpleasant family situation. I am so thankful that we chose Mr. Ellman, his work demonstrated integrity. Our needs for an attorney was unforeseen and Mr. Ellman was very straight forward making us aware that our case would be a difficult to win. It was important that he believed in us and took our case a lot deeper. He was most accessible in communicating, and also very good at returning phone calls and emails.

Mr. Ellman was very attentive to our needs, as most of those legal terms were foreign to us, we were very needy, but were made to feel comfortable and he truly respectful with the whole legal process. Mr. Ellman was able to settle our case before going to one court appearance and helped save my mom tons of money! I am glad that we had faith in him as we went through this very emotional process and would recommend Mr. Ellman very highly.

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Auto Insurance Claim

Brenda and Edward Horton April 12, 2016

Mr. Ellman was our attorney against our auto insurance company who refused to pay an auto insurance collision claim.
His complaint was so professional and on point that they immediately paid the full value of the car.

We were able to have the car repaired and still had a few thousand dollars left over after we paid our legal bill.

We would highly recommend Mr. Ellman to anyone who has an unpaid claim against an insurance carrier.

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Review of Legal Match by Law Offices of Harry Steven Ellman

Legal Match December 18, 2015

I have been in the practice of law since 1971 and have been working with Legal Match since July of 2015. They have a unique way of giving me leads by email and text that I can reply with my personal drafted reply for that type of case. The cases are mostly real estate matters involving purchases, mortgages and land disputes or civil actions. The case I chose to be retained in worked out very well for the client and for me and the costs of the service are more than covered by my receipts. Their web address is www.legalmatch.com

Posted : 2015

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Extremely professional and knowledgeable

Jeffrey Johnson April 2, 2015

jjohnsonExtremely professional and knowledgeable, Harry is skilled at understanding the critical components of his role. I trust him and would be happy to refer his services to others.

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Commercial Legal Services

Jeffrey Jones Commercial Lender's Broker March 11, 2015

I  have known Harry Ellman for over ten years. I have used his services for many years during my commercial banking career. I can say that Harry and his staff have always done a great job with my deals. I like the fact that Harry will always look for a way to get the deal completed rather than just “Go By The Book”. His knowledge as an attorney provides for more than what the traditional title person can do for their clients. I highly recommend Harry Ellman. Thank you.

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Dedicated – Result Driven Attorney

Callie G. December 7, 2014

Words can’t express how grateful we are to Harry. After our house was seriously damaged from a faulty roof installation my husband and I were out thousands of dollars. For 8mths we worked with an attorney (not Harry) to get reimbursement from the contractor and after getting the run around, being misled, and being mistreated we were out even more money in attorney fees. We ended the attorney relationship because we saw no end in sight. Not ready to give up my husband and I were given Harry Ellman’s info from the MI state board. One week after meeting with Harry he had already contacted the contractor and insurance company to let them know the facts of how he was going to handle our case. 2 Weeks after that we received full reimbursement from the contractor/insurance company in addition to reimbursement for some of the attorney fees for what we had been put through. What one attorney could not accomplish in 8mths, let alone possibly accomplish at all, Harry resolved in less than a month. It still feels a little surreal that this is actually over and such a heavy weight has been lifted from our shoulders. We can’t thank Harry enough and would use him for anything if we ever needed him again. Thank you Harry.

Response from Law Offices of Harry Steven Ellman
In this case I prepared the Complaint and Summons with all of the exhibits attached and presented it to the insurance adjuster with a letter that stated: if we did not settle in five days I would file the lawsuit and they will then have to incur attorneys fees for a lawsuit they could not win. This technique has worked for me numerous times over the last 4 decades.

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Testimonial – Annuities Counsel

Paul R. August 23, 2014

Harry definitely helped and worked a lot of hours to win my case. He definitely worked real hard & I was happy that I found him.

Response from Law Offices of Harry Steven Ellman
Paul and his mother’s annuities were reduced by two thirds due to a bankrupt insurer. We recovered several millions in benefits from the original liable party’s successor.